Shin Guards

Create your own shinguards!

You can create your own carbon fiber shinguards in only 5 steps as explained below.


Step 1: size

Small Size (15cm)

When you choose the small version, your agility will increase as the weight reduces. The carbon fiber gives your shin guard a flex for an optimal comfort but at the same time the rigidity at moment of a possible impact.

Medium size (17 cm)

The medium size gives you extra protection. The seamless cut still gives you a great sensation with a light weight feeling. The strength is insured because we are using the same high standard production techniques as in the aeronautic and formule 1 industries.

Step 2: foam backing








Step 3: Custom (optional: +30€)

Now you can give your shin guards your own touch by creating a custom design. It will make you stand out of the crowd and then you own something nobody else has that will make you unique in every single way! You can draw your idea you have in mind and our team of designers will shape to the design of your dreams. You don't have to be an artist to make this possible.


Step 4: Finishing


You can choose for a satin finish that give more a subtle look.

High gloss

A high gloss finish gives you the ultimate carbon experience, the visual effect will be striking.